Come Get the Balls Rolling!

About Us

At BB8 Billiards, we have something for everyone. Whether you're a group of friends looking for a great night out, pool enthusiasts looking for quality tables to practice on, a couple looking for a chilled setting for a romantic date night, or just a someone looking for a place to entertain yourself, we've got you covered.

In a big group and waiting your turn at pool? – We've got screens all around with a range of live sports and music videos for your entertainment.
Bored of pool? – Give our foosball tables, darts or arcade games a go! For the milder sorts, we've got Jenga, Chess, Connect 4, UNO, Taboo and other games too.

Just wanting to chill out? – Grab a beer (or perhaps one of our beautiful cocktails), sit down and enjoy the music! Need a bit of fresh air? Our beautiful balcony overlooking most of Glen Waverley awaits. We've got heaters and speakers out there too, so you don't freeze during the colder months OR miss out on the pumping music!

Sports Bar Dandenong
  • The ultimate entertainment venue in Glen Waverley
  • Your one-stop destination for a ball of a time
  • Trendy Billiards Bar with a myriad of other entertainment activities available
  • Passionate Pool, Magical Music, Delightful Drinks
  • Located at 52 Montclair Avenue, Glen Waverley - just off Kingsway
  • We take reservations! To avoid a long wait (especially on the weekends), ring us in advance of your visit so we can reserve a table for you.
  • We do events/functions! Looking for a place to host your birthday party or corporate event? We can work out a package for you depending on your requirements - venue hire, professional entertainers, food catering and more! Talk to us about your event today.
  • Want to improve your pool skills? We are proud to have Triple World Billiards Champion Robby Foldvari as our resident coach. Whether you want to impress your friends with some trickshots, or improve some aspects of your game, Robby will be able to help. Group/individual coaching available - please enquire with our staff for more details. Alternatively, for those who just want a couple of friendly tips on how to get the balls rolling into the pockets, approach our manager Tim!

Level 5, 52 Montclair Ave

3150 Glen Waverley


(03) 9068 6320